Fall Shut Down Procedure

Follow these instructions below to insure your shut down is complete

  1. Shut the irrigation main valve off. The location of this valve is located in your basement. This valve is usually marked with a Red Fournier Irrigation Tag. (as picture to the right illustrates)
  2. Unplug the Controller from the outlet
    This is all we require from you to help us with the Winterization of your lawn sprinkler system. We do not require you to be home for this process. We will send you a postcard in the fall informing you when we will be in your neighborhood. If we do need access to your controller or your shut-off we will contact you by telephone. When we have completed the winterization of your system, we will leave a blue, service notice in your front door letting you know that the winterization is complete

In case of freezing temperature…
If freezing temperatures occur before the winterization of your system, you should protect your backflow device and filter

Protecting your backflow device

        Open boiler drain valve
        Open all test ports with a flat screwdriver
        (RPD) Reduced Pressure Device has 4 test ports
        (PVB)   Pressure vacuum Breaker has 2 test ports

The Filter can be drained by opening the ball valve


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