Turning your water on

  1. Locate the sprinkler supply valve.  These at typically located in the basement and are marked with a red “shut-off” tag.
  2. Locate your backflow preventer.  This device is usually located directly     outside the house from the sprinkler supply valve.
  3. Shut the backflow valve off.  The backflow will have two shut-off valves with blue handles.  It will also have 2-4 small test ports depending on the model.  Shut-off the first valve closest to the water supply by turning the valve handle so that the handle is perpendicular with the pipe.
  4. Turn the winterization valve off.  There is a faucet located before the backflow that needs to be turned off.
  5. Turn the water supply valve on.  Slowly turn the inside valve on so that the valve handle is parallel with the pipe. You should hear a quick rush of water which should stop in a few seconds.  If the water continues to flow, go to the next step.  If not, you have completed the water turn on procedure.
  6. Turn off the test port.  With a slotted screwdriver, turn the small ball valve where the water is exiting from until the water stops.

Activating your system

  1. At the backflow preventer, turn off the second shut-off valve and close off all of the small test ports
  2. Turn on the first shut-off valve.  There will be a quick burst of water out of the relief valve but it should stop after a few seconds.  If the “leak” persists, open and close the first shut-off valve a few times.  If the water continues to leak through the relief valve, call our office.
  3. Turn on the second shut-off valve.  As you slowly turn this valve on, the water will fill the mainline.  Depending on how long your mainline is, it may take a minute or so.
  4.    Check the mainline for leaks.  Walk the length of the mainline to observe any leaks
  5.    Turn of the controller.  Activate each zone manually for approximately 5 minutes.     Inspect each head for proper operation.  This includes rotation adjustment and riser seal wear inspection. 
  6.   Program the controller.  Set the controller for the seasonal schedule.

Also keep in mind most systems are equipped with a rain sensor.This may keep your system for operating.




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