While we are happy to handle any of your service needs, here are a few helpful answers to questions you may have concerning your system. They may help avoid a service call, or at the very least help us diagnosis your system.

How do I program my Rain Dial Controller? / How do I program my Hunter Pro-C Controller?
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What happens to my controller when the power goes off?
The battery will hold the program. If power goes off while the system is running the system will stop. When power returns your system will continue. Most controllers use 9 volt alkaline batteries.

How do I adjust a Hunter PGP sprinkler Head?
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What do I do if my spray nozzle is clogged?
Unscrew the nozzle off the head and flush it out with water. Then try blowing on the nozzle.

What should I do if a sprinkler head is broken?
Turn off zone that head is on. Replace head or call for service, and mark head.

What should I do if system will not shut down?
Chances are this is a more involved problem that with which a homeowner can deal with. Simply turn the water off to your system at the backflow, or if you don't have a backflow, turn the valve off inside your house and call for service. If you have shut the water off inside your house it will be necessary for you to be home at time of service.

I turn the system on at the controller but have no water?
This could be one of several things. First make sure that the water is turned on inside your house. Then make sure that the valve is open on your backflow preventer. If water is on in both locations and your system has rain gauge installed the amount of rain fall received could be preventing your system from going on. If you do not have a rain gauge bypass switch and wish to have more control, please call to have one installed. 




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