Residential irrigation systems in the northeast are primarily installed using high density polyethylene pipe. This flexible pipe comes in 100' or 300' coils and is installed using a technique described as "pipe pulling". A specialized machine called a vibratory plow has a large steel blade that is hydraulically lowered into the ground. The vibratory action of the blade slices and fractures the earth. The pipe is attached to this blade and as the machine moves along the ground, the pipe moves along with it. This process is very efficient and labor saving however approximately 5-10% of the pipe is wasted and thrown away.

Over 600 miles of this pipe is installed in Connecticut each year solely for the purpose of lawn irrigation. That amounts to a lot of waste going into our landfills.

Here at Fournier Irrigation we have devised a solution for this problem. In 2007 we invested in a machine that grinds up the unused poly pipe. After we grind the pipe, it is then sold back to the plastic industry and reused in the manufacturing of other plastic products. We presently don't know of any other company in the irrigation industry who has taken these steps to keep this non-biodegradable material out of our landfills.



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